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Privacy Policy

Nawlist has produced this Privacy Policy to describe how your information is protected, gathered, and used. This Privacy Policy applies to our web site, (the "Site"). This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically, so you must check it regularly to keep yourself updated of any changes. By utilizing this Site, you accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and are mindful that our regulations may be modified.

In several places on the Site, we gather "Personally Identifiable Information," such as your name, postal address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, or any other identifiable information used to contact you.

  • Nawlist will not disclose any of your Personally Identifiable Information, with the exception of the information you decide to reveal publicly in the listings you post, with our promoters, or any third-parties for advertising purposes.
  • Nawlist offers email anonymity and relay to preserve your identity and reduce spam.
  • Account information is password safe.
  • Nawlist does not purposely collect and Personally Identifiable Information from persons under the age of 13. Nawlist does not allow persons under the age of 13 to register with the Site. Nawlist will remove a posting if Nawlist becomes aware that a posting was created by a person under the age of 13.

Nawlist or other users may provide links to third party websites in their advertisements. Be aware that such third party websites might have different privacy practices than Nawlist. Please note that we are not accountable for any privacy policies on any third party websites. You should read the privacy policies of every web site you browse.


Besides the Personally Identifiable Information you make available at registration, or by using a service in Nawlist (the "Site), we also collect the subsequent information:

  • When you post and advertisement on Nawlist, we collect a variety of information related to that advertisement, (such as price, condition, model, etc...). The public will have access to any information you add or reveal in your advertisement, and Nawlist has no liability or authority over how such information will be employed.
  • "Anonymous Information" likes the pages on our Site that you browse, the advertisements that you go to, the type of browser you use, and your IP address. This data is utilized to assist in facilitating identifying problems, managing the Site, and enhancing your use experience.

The subsequent information is saved in our files, even after removal, and may be stored:

  • Registration information
  • All postings by you
  • Activity logs and other records

Even though we try our effort to keep information in a safe location that is not accessible to the public, we cannot assure absolute protection.